Sunday, February 12, 2006

So today after the wife got done vacuuming, she shuts off the vacuum cleaner and at the same time my whole office goes dead. I of course figure "AHH... must have popped a circuit breaker". Sooo I go and check the breakers and none appeared to be tripped. Sooo I than proceed to check the current output with my multi-meter and everything checks out. At this point I'm stumped. I'm guessing there has to be short somewhere between the breaker box and the closest outlet to the breaker box. This sucks because not only being a potential fire hazard, I have no idea how I'm going to track down and fix the problem area. I guess I need to mention that I live in a mobile home and all the wiring is contained in the walls and ceiling which make the wiring inaccessible unless you start tearing down dry wall and shit. Just about the time I'm ready to give up and start considering calling a professional, I decided to check the hard wired smoke detector. When I twist and pull it off the wall...... SNAP, CRACKLE and bright flash. Well sure shit... it was the F'ing smoke detector. Well fucken great.. my smoke detector just bout burned my house down....oh the irony. See the following pictures of the wiring on the back of the smoke alarm.

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