Wednesday, May 28, 2008


My credit card, I have through TNT Tire, had a fraudulent charge on it today for $600. There are 3 cards under one account. All the cards have different numbers. Mine was the only one that was compromised. What's strange is I only use my card to "pay at the pump" for gas... nothing else. So out of the three of us, my card is used the least, never leaves my hand and never gets used online. So I wonder how my CC number got in someone else's hands. In any case, Chase caught the charge right away and froze my card, which was good. Except I didn't find out my card was frozen until I pumped $80 into my delivery truck. Here's some good links about preventing fraud:
Federal Trade Commission
Federal Bureau of Investigations
ScamBusters - 21 tips to protect yourself

Even though I had already been following these tips, my card was still compromised. So being careful is still not enough. Make sure you watch your statements closely. I suggest checking your credit card activity online every few days. And immediately report any fraudulent activity.

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